Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery Application

Ridgell Oil Company agrees to deliver heating oil to your home automatically using our computer degree day system. Our delivery calculations are initially based on the information you provide, and then on your usage history with us.

The price per gallon for auto-delivery will be our daily market price for 150 gallons or greater published on our website. The posted price on our website: can change daily and reflects heating oil market movement.

During the first year please be aware of how much oil is in your tank. If you notice that your tank is below ¼ simply call and we will schedule a delivery for the next day. Our system becomes more accurate with each delivery and will adjust accordingly.

This automatic delivery agreement and our liability are conditioned upon the customer purchasing all gallons from Ridgell Oil Company. The customer agrees to accept and pay for the heating oil delivered to your home in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

To calculate your consumption accurately, automatic deliveries require tanks to be filled. It is also very important that you let us know of any changes that may affect your consumption either up or down. We will not be responsible for any problems resulting from the customer changing their usage of fuel without notice being sent to us, or if the house is left vacant for extended periods of time, or due to any malfunction of the heating system.

All automatic deliveries will be paid by the following method:

  • A valid credit card will be stored on the account. Prior to the delivery Ridgell Oil will request pre-authorization on the card. Once the delivery is made the card will be processed for the full amount. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover card at the same price as cash. 

We reserve the right to cancel this agreement upon an event of overdue balance, invalid credit card or lack of sufficient funds in your account. The customer has the right to cancel this agreement by written notification 30 days in advance.

To ensure prompt and uninterrupted deliveries, please be sure your driveway is plowed and sanded to allow for “truck” access, and that the driver has access to the fill pipe. Safe delivery is at the discretion of the driver. Ridgell Oil Company cannot be held liable for run outs due to inaccessible locations.

Ridgell Oil Company will not be responsible for events such as: acts of god, unusually severe weather, war, civil unrest, terrorism, failure of public utilities or common carriers to provide necessary product, supplies, or services. As well as for spills, or any other property damage due to any cause beyond our control.

Please call the office before you move. This contract is transferable as long as the new location is within our delivery area: You are responsible for deliveries made to your previous address until the contract is cancelled.

Early Termination Fee. After this contract goes into effect, if you terminate this contract for any reason, or switch your service to a different oil/fuel supplier or default service supplier prior to the end of the contract term, you will be responsible for paying Ridgell Oil Company an early termination fee in the amount of $150. This Early Termination Fee is intended not as a penalty, but simply to offset the cost of selling the oil/fuel at a discount rate and estimated lost revenue that Ridgell Oil Company may incur from such a sale, if any, and related expenses.

Automatic Delivery Application

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